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Laura Russ

Laura Russ was born and raised in Berlin and started her career as a photographer in 2016. Laura's personality is mainly characterized by an insatiable curiosity and the ability to be inspired by her surroundings, which quickly led her to develop an interest in film and cinematography.

In 2019, she left her employment as a studio assistant at Stupid Studio in Berlin and made the decision to start studying film at ESCAC in Barcelona, graduating in 2021. She has experience with a variety of film formats up to the latest full frame digital formats. She is currently shooting projects ranging from music videos and short films, to commercials and documentary projects. Her clients include Nike, A Million Entertainment, ZDF and Sony Music.

What sets Laura apart as a filmmaker is that she is both an artist and a craftswoman. Learning and creating has always been part of her normal life. Her work as a cinematographer and director makes Laura a creative one-woman-show, capable of taking the creative and operational direction of both departments into her own hands.

Cinematographic role models Laura doesn't really have. The person who has always influenced her the most is her grandmother, with whom Laura spent a lot of time painting, playing the violin and learning new things. This also shows in Laura's work. She loves to experiment with new filters, lenses and light and always discover new looks, to which she skillfully adds her own touch with recognition value. Laura prefers to work digitally with ARRI cameras. From Alexa to Alexa LF and Alexa Mini, what matters most to her is that her equipment gives her great creative freedom and safety to realize her visions.

In terms of content, Laura explores identities and the zeitgeist of her generation. Sometimes joyful, sometimes bittersweet, she takes a multi-layered view of the world and always finds new perspectives worth mentioning. Laura is also defined by her love of aesthetics. Her colorful, open-minded personality shows in each of her projects. Without seeming artificial or arrogant, she is able to transform the ordinary into something unique.

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