Rich came 4th in the hotly contested semi-finals of the regional “Beard of the Year" Tottenham 2020. Paul is the tall BLOK.
Question: Which two of the three following statements about Blok are true:

.BLOK’s non-negotiable shoot rider must contain two luke-warm glasses of water, 4 rubber bands, a pigmy owl and a giant Toblerone.
.BLOK took their name from the powerhouse Jennifer Lopez classic “Jenny from the Block” and play it on continuous loop at their two-man annual Christmas party.
.BLOK first met on a job in the Arctic Circle where they bonded over the mildly traumatic experience of witnessing the castration of a reindeer by a young Sami tribe member, using only her teeth.

Before there was BLOK, there was Paul and Rich, who spent many-a- year making comedy series across the world for the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and Netflix.

Then, in a dark and stormy night in 2019, BLOK was born. Based in London and split as Director + DOP, BLOK makes comedy-driven commercials, often combining multiple worlds, extraordinary characters, seamless transitions, set-builds, and VFX.

Their commercials may be a far cry from their television work, and they still can’t quite get that poor reindeer out of their heads.

... All three statements are true.