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Mario Feil

Mario lives within 1,5 hours of both the sea and the mountains and loves both. He describes himself as “a good guy from Bavaria” and lists good stories, the great outdoors, and baking bread as his favourite things.

These humble low-key things mirror his humble beginnings as a self-taught editor and DOP. Mastering each of these skills showed him that filmmaking is a fine craft, resulting in poignant, candid films that are both rooted and imaginative.

Mario draws inspiration from traveling and observing the world that surrounds him. In his work as a director, he excels at storytelling by creating unforgettable visual experiences with a close authenticity to the protagonists, often evoking an uncanny, yet intriguing reaction.

Mario is a joy to work with as proven by the sheer amount of our producers who are liable to fight over him and the amount of clients who come back time and time again to entrust him with their moving picture communication needs.

As Director and DoP Mario is also known for his ability to generate not only quality but also quantity images always over-delivering and offering more choice in all media than ever hoped for.

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