Julia Pitch

Yes, we even checked. Pitch is Julia’s real surname. After studying filmmaking at art school, Julia found herself taking on many roles, from Producing, Directing to Cinematography.

What has stayed consistent throughout her work is her earnest attempt to search for truth while telling a visually compelling story.

Julia spent her early years working in documentary film. This experience has helped her in establishing close relationships with her subjects, and bringing that trust and intimacy to the screen.

During the recent lockdowns Julia chose to hone in on her skills as a fine artist and photographer to further her unique visual style. You could often find her in her studio, or in a dark room developing and printing her own photographs.

Her cross-disciplinary approach to filmmaking is what led her to direct a 2021 VANS Pride campaign consisting of a series of photographs and docu-style profiles of different artists. Julia made it her personal mission to develop the scripts with the artists based on trust from the clients for her process.

If there is any need for proof that Julia quickly masters whatever she turns her attention to, Julia then collaborated with the screen writers and feature directors “The Roberts Sisters”, as DoP on their first full length feature film “The Country Club”. This quirky take on professional female golf has been billed as a “ compelling vibrant cross between “Napoleon Dynamite and The Royal Tennenbaums” and is set to sweep the independent awards.

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