The term “Holocene” denotes a geological epoch which began at the end of the Pleistocene and continues to the present. The Holocene is part of the Quaternary period. Its name comes from the Greek words ὅλος and καινός, meaning "entirely recent".

We will never forget the first time we encountered Holocene’s work. “Osynlig 1”, their lingering and poignant film for IKEA had just been featured in SHOTS. Within minutes our Group Chat exploded with enthusiasm but it was the text “I’m going to call my Mum” that moved us to reach out to Flook, Leonard and Mathias. Judging by the maturity and scope of their work we expected a trio of Danish 35-40 year olds but instead we were introduced to a trio of incredibly talented story-tellers not a day over
30. They spoke with authority and passion about their films, dreams, approach and technique and it became clear that every project they commit to becomes the best it could ever be in their expert hands.

Holocene’s sensitive lensing and use of available light creates an immersive visual world which leaves the audience with the feeling that they have just witnessed an intimacy rarely achieved in the medium of the moving image. Their technique creates authentic dialogue and their use of 35mm and 16mm film stock and mixed media gives their work a timelessness that couldn’t feel more now.

In the Spring of 2022 Holocene signed with the Markenfilm Group and we couldn’t be more proud to represent them exclusively in our markets.

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