The expression "Holocene" signifies a geographical age which started toward the finish of the Pleistocene and proceeds to the present. The Quaternary period includes the Holocene.

It gets its name from the Greek words ὅλος and καινός, which means "entirely recent". The first time we saw the work of Holocene, we will never forget. "Osynlig 1", their lasting and powerful film for IKEA had quite recently been highlighted in SHOTS. Our group chat erupted in enthusiasm in a matter of minutes, but it was the text "I'm going to call my Mom" that inspired us to contact Flook, Leonard, and Mathias.

We were expecting a trio of 35- to 40-year-old Danish writers based on the maturity and scope of their work; instead, we were introduced to a trio of extremely talented storytellers, none of whom were over 30. It became clear from their authoritative and passionate discussion of their films, aspirations, method, and approach, that in their expert hands, each project they commit to becomes the best it can ever be.

The audience is left with the impression that they have just witnessed an intimacy that is rarely achieved in the medium of the moving image thanks to Holocene's use of available light and sensitive lensing, which creates an immersive visual world. Their method makes dialogue that feels real, and they use 35mm, 16mm, and mixed media to give their work a timeless quality that feels even better now.

Holocene signed a deal with the Markenfilm Group in the spring of 2022, and we couldn't be happier to exclusively represent them in our markets.

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