Greg Bray

According to Wikipedia, a “Kiwi” is a flightless New Zealand bird with a long down curved bill and sensitive nostrils at the tip. Greg is a Kiwi.

Before dedicating his many talents to making highly entertaining and memorable advertising campaigns, Greg Bray claims to have worked as an international karaoke judge specialising in outboard aquatic motor repairs. According to some other sources Greg also had a side hustle as rodeo clown.

All in all the perfect skill-set to deal with all that the ad industry can throw at you. Greg first demonstrated this as a staff member at the worldwide agencies Lowe, Leo Burnett, Bbdo and DDB working as creative and as illustrative advertising photographer.

Within a couple of years and with international advertising awards to his name Greg took on the ultimate challenge of the moving image. If repeat- offenders in the form of returning clients are anything to go by, Greg has finally found his true calling.

Character based humour is the best way to describe Greg’s work. With a keen eye for casting and comedy, Greg likes to keep it simple and let the characters and story shine. Often wacky, his commercials are memorable and always to the point.

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