Cole Webley

Cole grew up in the country with five brothers and can assemble a tent in every weather. Cole Webley’s visual storytelling approach to advertising has brought him acclaim from Cannes, The One Show, AICPs, Clios, D&AD and more.

His ability to capture humanity through the short form narrative has made him a sought after director for a wide range of clients all looking for his sensitive touch and ability to inspire change through the medium of the moving image.

Most recently Cole’s film “The Epidemic” for Monica Lewinsky, won the coveted Advertising Excellence/Single Commercial. award in the 2021 AICP. This film illustrates the damaging effects of cyber-bullying as it wreaks havoc on the life of a teenage girl.

Whether it is for a commercial or a narrative short, Cole takes a minimalist approach to powerful filmmaking seeking to keep the message uncluttered and unfiltered by immersing the audience through character and story

Cole’s short films have been screened at Palm Springs International ShortsFest, Seattle International Film Festival, Newport Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival and been featured as Best of the Month and Staff Selects on Vimeo.

Cole splits his time between Los Angeles and his home in Salt Lake City.

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